Watch this instructional video to learn how to operate your 180° Innovations Oral Thermometer.


What does the “L” mean?  Is it low battery? 

The “L” means that the thermometer is at its lowest point and ready to take your temperature.  It does not mean the battery is low.  There is a separate low battery icon that will display all by itself when the battery is low.

How do you change the thermometer from C to F?

Turn on the thermometer then while the 188.8 is showing/displayed push the power button again but hold it down until you see the F.  This should only take a couple of seconds. Watch this instructional video.

My thermometer does not have any beeps? Is it supposed to?

Yes, all of our thermometers should beep.   Some have a higher pitch beep and some lower and you might have a hard time hearing these tones.  It is not necessarily related to hearing impairment.

What should I use to clean this thermometer?

Wash the tip only with mild detergent and cool water.   Disinfect the thermometer by wiping the tip and lower stem with rubbing alcohol.

What type of battery does my thermometer take and where can I purchase them?

The instructions that came with your thermometer list the battery required for each unit or you can find it stamped on the battery.  You can try finding them at your local drug store or you may have to try a battery specialty store, like Batteries Plus.

Why am I getting low readings? 

You may not be leaving the thermometer in long enough.  You may not be allowing it to fully start up before using it.  The thermometer may be malfunctioning – they are digital devices and things can happen out of our control.

Where should I store my thermometer?

Do not store your unit in the bathroom.  The humidity is not good for any digital device.  Store them in a kitchen cupboard or a closet outside of the bathroom or bedroom.

Temple Thermometers



Watch this instructional video to learn how to operate your 180° Innovations Temple Thermometer.


How do you change it from C to F?

Power on the unit.  When you see the backwards 688.8, push the power button again and hold it down.  You will then see “CH” and F in the upper right hand corner.  This will remain unless the process is repeated.

Turns on, but no reading.

You are not waiting long enough for the start up mode. Push the power button on, you will hear a single beep.  You will see a backwards 688.8, and hourglass will be blinking and there will be an F in the upper right hand corner.  Then you will hear a double beep, everything but the F will disappear and it is ready to take your temperature. Place it on the temple, over on the side of your head between your eyebrow and hairline.  When you hear a longer beep, 6 to 10 sec. you should have a temperature reading.

What should I use to clean this thermometer?

Rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.

I am getting low readings

The tip of the thermometer could be dirty.  Follow cleaning instructions.  Try new batteries.   It may be malfunctioning.

Infrared Ear Thermometers



Watch this instructional video to learn how to operate your 180° Innovations Infrared Ear Thermometer.


Why am I getting low readings?

Low readings are caused by not getting a straight shot into the ear drum and instead hitting the inner ear walls, and/or the probe/lens is dirty.  The probe/lens needs to be cleaned after each use.  Follow cleaning instructions.

How should I clean this thermometer?

Take a cotton swab, dampen it with rubbing alcohol.  Roll the cotton swab down in the probe, then let dry for 15 min. before taking another temperature.  Alcohol is cooling,  so you need to let the probe get back to room temperature.


Is there Latex in any of your products?

No, there is no latex in any of our products.


Is there any mercury in your thermometers?

No, there is no mercury in any of our thermometers.

Sonic Toothbrush

My toothbrush will only work in Massage mode.

Turn on the handle and let it run the two minute cycle in massage mode.  Once it turns off, it will have reset itself.

I can’t find replacement brush heads for my toothbrush.  What stores sell them?   

Sorry, but no stores at this time are carrying the replacement heads.  You can call 180 Innovations directly and place an order or we do have them on

How can I remove my brush head from the handle?

Only pull the brush head off straight, do not twist the head.  This will cause the shaft to break off and void your warranty.  Try boiling some water and putting the brush head upside down in the water.  This should help loosen it.  Also try pulling it straight off with pliers.

Glass Scales


Watch this instructional video to learn how to operate your 180° Innovations Electronic Glass Scale. 

What does LCEr mean?

That is an error code.  The scale is malfunctioning and you need to call 180 Innovations.

My new scale is not working correctly.

Use the toggle switch on the back of the scale and scroll down the settings: lb, st, lb/st, kg. Make sure it is in lb (pounds).   You need to initialize the scale when you first receive it and if you ever move it.  To initialize your scale, press the platform center and remove your foot.  “0.0” will be displayed.  The scale will then turn off.  It is now initialized and ready for use.

How should I clean my scale?

With a damp cloth. Do not use chemical cleaning agents.