A 37 Year History of Innovation and Delivery Excellence

The 180 Innovations heritage is about more than being the leading supplier of private label thermometers. It’s about creating innovative health and beauty products — and delivering them fast and efficiently.

Over our 30 year history  (previously as BestMed), we’ve honed the design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery process and supplied almost every major chain and wholesaler with hundreds of products ranging from thermometry, to new innovations in oral, skin and hair care. 

We excel at innovation, sourcing, logistics, delivery and distribution. And we consistently stay ahead of trends. Because we keep inventory on hand and offer onsite packaging, we can supply product quickly and accommodate short lead times.

We offer:

  • Refined global sourcing capabilities
  • The largest R&D staff in the industry
  • Premium quality 
  • Quick response and fast turnaround
  • Comprehensive marketing services (in-store, e-commerce and digital media)
  • Product packaging expertise
  • An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Our success is a result of long-term relationships, consistently meeting design and delivery challenges, and sustained customer satisfaction.