Health and Beauty Innovations


180 Innovations is a private-label manufacturer offering a full range of health and beauty products from our roots in thermometry, to oral, skin and hair care.  For over 35 years, under our former name BestMed, we have supplied category-changing products to retailers and families. We believe that offering "Choice Without Compromise" is a win-win for both retailers and families. 


Innovations in Oral, Skin and Hair Care


The 180 Innovations heritage is about more than being the leading supplier of private label thermometers. It’s about creating innovative health and beauty products — and delivering them fast and efficiently.

Over our 35+ year history, we’ve honed the design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery process and supplied almost every major chain and wholesaler with hundreds of products on time and at a fair price point.




Increase Customer Loyalty to Your Brand


Our founding principle is to provide retailers with category-changing products under store brand names without sacrificing quality for price. We believe in “choice without compromise” for retailers and consumers. By helping retailers access innovative, high-quality products quickly and efficiently through our nimble supply and manufacturing process, we make it easy to provide value to customers.